Loudmouf Sneakilla


Loudmouf uses Snuikrot’s body.  I used the head from the plastic Nob box that has Cylon eyes, and connected it with putty to fill out the neck.  Into the neck and mouth-tube I inserted Guitar Wire that runs up to the speakers, which come from the Sisters of Battle tank sprue.  The frame on his back is a sprue.  The canopy is from the old plastic tree terrain sprue.  Loudmouf’s custom Cesti (plural of Cestus) are sharpened pieces of sprue held on with custom sculpted putty vines to hide Snikrot’s dog tags.  The switch on the back is putty and paper clip.


The last words Loudmouf uttered with his own vocal chords were: “Oi! I just ‘membered dat I left me favrit squig at ‘ome!”

This was as his Kommando squad was about to infiltrate an Imperial Guard base and bring down the defenses so that Smartyskull could raid it. His Nob was less than thrilled when two thirds of the squad was obliterated by heavy bolter fire. Dragging Loudmouf by his neck all the way back to camp, the Nob deposited him before Smartyskull and asked for a judgment, as Da Boss always found funny ways to punish the stupid or careless. Smartyskull’s verdict was that because Loudmouf’s neck was so badly injured, that he should go see Dok Gilgivva, hur hur hur.

Loudmouf’s Nob didn’t like this verdict much; so on the way he took a large chunk of Loudmouf’s neck with him. This was the luckiest thing that could have happened to Loudmouf, as you can’t install gills into a ruined neck. With the help of Manik Upzindownz, the Dok installed another invention he had been working on, his patented loudener.

Once finished, Loudmouf was unable to utter any syllables below 130 decibels. The Dok’s new loudener also came with a very important feature: a mute switch. Though it tends to get caught on things, Loudmouf became adept at moving so that he doesn’t accidentally turn it on. This has made him the new paragon of Ork stealth. (So stealthy in fact that his Nob didn’t hear Loudmouf sneaking up on him.)

His signature weapons (custom made at great expense) are cesti (horseshoe shaped bars, sharpened along their outer edge), strapped to his forearms. This allows him to slash up Humies in combat while keeping his hands free to move underbrush, open doors, or muffle a sentry before he can shout. Loudmouf enjoys creeping up on an enemy, then turning on his loudener and shouting “WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” in a blast that leaves the enemy temporarily deafened, and unable to hear orders. Then, he shuts off the loudener and melts back into the background, ready to pop out and kill again.

By Bozeman

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