Cozamalotl is my test Skink for my new color scheme. He was painted with an undercoat of Games Workshop Ice Blue.  His scales and crest were given a light coat of Vallejo Hawk Turquoise.  He was then given a full body wash of P3 Turquoise Ink. His skin was then highlighted with Vallejo Jade Green.  His shoulder pads are GW Mechrite red with a Blood Red drybrush and a Blazing Orange Highlight, finished with Skull White for the numerals.  His claws are Snakebite Leather with Bleached Bone and Skull White highlights.  His eyes are Sunburst Yellow with Chaos Black pupils.  His mouth was very carefully inked black.  The base is Goblin Green with static grass, Chaos Black and Skull White for the Name and Number.

Cozamalotl is an authentic Nahuatl name, and the numerals on his shoulder pads read “32” in Mayan numerals.

By Bozeman

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