I made an old model of Perseus with the Terminator Captain with Storm Bolter model years ago, but he wasn’t that great.  The cabling looked bad and his storm shield was tiny.  My original idea was that it be a shield that incorporates weaponry, so that a successful block can be a slice as well.  The original model did not do it justice.

For the new model, I used Marneus Calgar’s upper torso, modified to get rid of the stupid eagles.  I used the Devastator Sergeant head, with an elongated nose.  I added a third and fourth service stud, as Perseus is about 400 years old.  The legs are the plastic legs from an Assault on Black Reach Terminator sergeant, with the flame added to the right knee pad.  On his back to cover up Marneus’ Bolter ammo feeds, I added some purity seals and scrolls.  I also added an Iron Halo on top.

For the arms, they are double dry-pinned with a magnet holding them on.  the pins come out of the torso, and the pin holes in the arms are deep, but are wide at the top so the pins slide right in.  You can pick up Perseus by any of his arms and he won’t fall apart, or change his pose.

Perseus’ Storm Shield was made from the Masters of the Chapter Storm Shield, and two plastic power axes and two pewter Bike sergeant power swords.  The Grenade arm is a standard Storm Bolter arm, with an Imperial Guard grenade launcher.

The Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield combo is the normal plastic one from the Termintator kit, with the Hammer modified with putty.

Paint used the standard Azure Flames color scheme, with a few embellishments on the feet and cape.


Liam Perseus is a Terran.   His parents were pilgrims, and ended up serving the Ecclisiarchy on Terra itself.  He was born into servitude on Terra, and luckily for him, was a young teenager when the Tech Priests of Mars, at the behest of Inquisitor Eric Boucher, decided to make a Salamanders successor chapter.  Liam was simply scooped up by a Tech Priest, as his parents told him that he was destined for greater things.

Liam was one of the thousand Space Marines delivered to Nocturne as the Sons of the Salamander.  No Son had rank yet.  Being trained in the arts of war by their parent chapter caused Perseus to stand out.  His natural leadership qualities and powerful personality made him one of the first Sons of the Salamander to be promoted to Sergeant.

As the chapter structure took hold, Salamander Apothecaries noticed something strange.  The Sons were not affected by the radiation on Nocturne.  Perseus and his chapter brothers’ skin was not turning black, nor their eyes red.  One battle brother died in training, and the Apothecaries examined his gene seeds.  From that point on all Salamander and Sons of the Salamander Apothecaries were forbidden to speak of the possible genetic variance.  The official word was that they are a Vulkan chapter and the matter was closed.  Rumor persists to this day.

Perseus, being trained by ecclisiarchs as a child, found the Promethean Cult a bit dubious until he found the joy of making weapons.  He hand-crafted his first sword.  He insisted on using it to join in the yearly Salamander hunts on Nocturne.  Sadly, this sword was destroyed in the hunt when Perseus used it to prevent himself from falling into a volcano.  Perseus did bring home a Salamander pelt, but not the biggest.  Undeterred, Perseus used the pelt to make a shield.

Forty seven years of distinguished service as a sergeant followed.  Perseus fought traitors and aliens with equal fervor.  He was among the first to re-paint his armor when the Sons of the Salamander became the Azure Flames.  He fervently believed in Atrus’ vision.

His shield was severely damaged in a fight with the Iron Warriors.  He used it to block the attack of the traitor’s Power Fist.  The shield shattered like glass, and so did the bones in Perseus’ arm.  Perseus used the shattered remnant strapped to his arm as a weapon, jamming it into the traitor’s neck.

Perseus was soon promoted to the First Company, and chose the wargear of the Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.  He was a part of the third Terminator squad during the invasion of Hive Fleet 2501 in the battle for the North Complex on Landon.  Atrus personally accompanied his squad, and Perseus watched as a Hive Tyrant cut him down.  Perseus smashed the Tyrant’s head with his Thunder Hammer, but Atrus was too far gone to save.  Perseus heard Atrus’ voice begging to be interred in a Sarcophagus.  He demanded that it be done.  It was.  Perseus became Captain of the First Company thereafter, and took on the duties of Chapter Master when appropriate.  Atrus was still the de facto Chapter Master.

Perseus took up a new project.  He remade his Storm Shield into a weapon, and trained with it to develop a new fighting style.  He became known as an invincible relentless combatant, able to turn the tide against the most skilled opponent.

When Atrus died in the Chasma Spica conflict, Perseus took his rightful place as the Chapter Master. He decreed that Iperin, the planet on which Atrus died, was to be the new homeworld for the Azure Flames.  Every Space Marine chapter in the Chasma Spica conflict backed up his claim.

Perseus has overseen the Chapter’s combat service.  He directs them to war torn zones where the Azure Flames go out of their way to protect refugees. Under this policy, refugees are relocated to Iperin, where they are given a new home in the rebuilt capital of Releeshan.  Perseus’ kind but stern leadership style and aged appearance has earned him the nickname “The Old Man.”  He struggles with the authority left by Atrus’ death, and works hard to groom Atrus’ gene-son Antonius for the day Perseus falls in battle.


When Perseus has a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, he is the Captain of the First Company and stands in for Darnath Lysander.  With his shield and grenade launcher, he has the following profile.

HQ – Chapter Master Liam Perseus: 260 Points

WS: 6
BS: 5
S: 4
T: 4
W: 4
I: 5
A: 4
Ld: 10

Equipment: Terminator Armour, Perseus’ Storm Shield, Auxilliary Grenade Launcher, Teleport Homer.

Special Rules

Eternal Warrior

Perseus’ Storm Shield: Perseus customized this tower sized Storm Shield by adding power weapons all along the perimeter. This makes the shield into a targe, used for both offense and defense. Perseus’ Storm Shield counts as both a Storm Shield and a Relic Blade. In addition, Perseus’ unique skills combined with the dangerous proposition of attacking an object covered with power weapons allows Perseus to re-roll all rolls in close combat to hit and to wound.

Riposte!: Perseus is a master of allowing an enemy to overextend themselves, and taking advantage of even the tiniest opening. In close combat, any successfully made armour or invulnerable save grants Perseus an extra attack at initiative 1. If Perseus is killed before initiative 1, the attacks are lost.

Orbital Bombardment: Perseus can call down an Orbital Bombardment, as detailed in the Chapter Master entry in the Space Marine Codex.

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