In honor of my friend Joe finally joining Facebook so all his friends can GODDAMN TALK to him, I am recounting the most epic battle Joe and I ever had.  We put our models on the table.


Well, almost all.  Joe proposed that we screw points values and limit ourselves to one force organization chart.  We did.  I had the Azure Flames (my only army at the time) and he had his Angels Sacrosanct, a Blood Angels successor.  This was back in 3rd ed, so Blood Angels cost the same but got free Death Company, and free Furious Charge, and overcharged engines, and you had to wash the Blood Angels player’s car or something.

Anyway, we covered the deployment zone in miniatures.  Mine deep blue, his maroon and black.  We fought.  Men died.  It was epic.  Of course I lost.  Joe had a much bigger and more developed army, plus a significant rules advantage.  Nowadays I think it would be more even, as I have 50 Terminators and 3 Land raiders.  I’m not sure if the Angels have really developed as Joe has a bunch more armies, including a counts-as Eldar that are modeled as Exodites which are BAD ASS.

By the way, DON’T do this unless you have a LOT of time.  Especially for cleanup.

By Bozeman

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