So, if you’ve read some of the posts in this blog, you’ll know I got into Battlefleet Gothic because my friend Lexington did.  I started a Space Marine Fleet to accompany my 40K Space Marine Army, the Azure Flames.  You’ll see some of their ships in the gallery below.

But, since then, I have been on a bit of a Gothic kick.  I am a teacher (currently middle school, but I plan to move to a High School eventually) and I want to be able to start a wargaming club at that school.  I needed two fleets to teach someone how to play Gothic, and the best way to do that is with Imperial Navy and Chaos fleets.  So I have those now.

The Azure Flames fleet has custom flames sculpted on all the capital ships.  They are Azure Flames blue with Enchanted blue details and Ice blue highlights.  They have their bearing markers painted on the base, and their names in calligraphy with flame details.

The Chaos Fleet is a dark purple with lighter drybrush highlights.  The metal is bronze and the lighiting is Mechrite Red with Blood Red over the top of it.

The Imperial Navy fleet is Codex Gray with a wash of black and then highlighted with lighter grays twice.  The metal is gold and the front is Blood Red.  Lighting is white or Ice blue.

You’ll see some small black squares with stuff on it.  These are Low Orbit Table defenses.  The Airstrip has a putty-molded copy of an Imperial Fury Interceptor, a piece of blister plastic for a runway, and beads that look like a control tower and a hangar.  Once painted, I will scrape the sides of the top bead on the tower to make it clear blue.  The one with the 6 green hatches is a missile silo, putty moulded from the Epic scale Rhino.  The thing that looks like the power generator and Ion cannon from The Empire Strikes Back is a Lance battery.  Note that all of these are mounted with a half of an Epic base, so that when balanced on this they point “up” to the top of the low orbit table.

I also made Gas and Dust Clouds from pictures given to me by John.  These are of all possible sizes you can generate, and have been laminated 10 mil so that they will last forever.  There are also ring-shaped gas and dust clouds.  Not shown are asteroids, also laminated 10 mil.  The Gas and Dust Clouds have the dimensions printed on the back.

I made some custom markers for the Sunward Edge, and Solar Flares and Radiation Bursts.  These will make keeping track of these easier.

Finally are markers for Warp Rifts similar to the Gas and Dust clouds.  These also have the dimensions on the back and are laminated 10 mil.

With these, some unpainted transports and orbital defenses, and a few other props, I have everything I need to play any game of Gothic at anytime.  I have a piece of black felt 4’x6′ and a smaller piece of blue felt for a low orbit table.

By Bozeman

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  1. They look great. My club is starting a campaign. I was wondering if you could pass me the files for the pictures so I can print and also laminate 🙂

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