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Before Big Game 5, Matt Turner came down to help us build terrain.  While he was there, we discussed his Chaos Lord, Matthius, Prophet of the Four.  Matt said that he wanted Matthius to have a bodyguard of traitors from various armies.  I wasn’t sure about other people’s armies, but I instantly came up with an addendum to the main fluff story that involved this man:

I used the new Devastator Sergeant head, with the flat top filed away.  I used the Mark 9 sergeant armor torso, the old pewter bolter-melta, and a Chaos power fist, shoulder pad, and backpack.  The body was damaged as if it had suffered an explosion on Gehn’s left side, which is the arm that was replaced.  He was painted with the Azure Flames scheme, with a scheme similar to some of Matt’s chaos squads on the replaced arm.  Gehn was given as a gift to Matt before Big Game 5.


The name of Gehn is cursed by the Azure Flames more than any other.  While the twists of Chaos have poisoned, mutated, or brainwashed battle brothers before, these individuals were exterminated.  Unlike others, Gehn chose to betray the Chapter.  The path between his recruitment and that fateful choice is twisted and convoluted.  This account merely scratches the surface of the events that led Gehn to choose madness over loyalty.

Gehn’s recruitment into the Chapter, like most battle brothers, came when his world was in need.  Riven was raided by Dark Eldar pirates for slaves year after year.  Losses were deemed minimal by Imperial tacticians, due to the fact that Riven had always made its imperial tithe.  Calls for aid went unanswered or were spectacularly late.  In c783m41, the Dark Eldar met their match.  The Battle Barge His Anvil leading approximately half the Azure Flames fleet met these raiders head on.  In a pincer action, the Dark Eldar ships were corralled by escorts as capital ships closed in.  Sadly, the captives aboard the ships perished in the attack, but the Dark Eldar raiding force was dealt a severe blow.  As is customary, the Azure Flames requested that all boys of age be allowed to prove themselves worthy of joining the Chapter.  Gehn was tested and proven well above his peers in the rigorous mental and physical challenges that all aspirants to the Azure Flames are put through, and the promising youth was quickly inducted into the Chapter.

Gehn’s career as a scout was not without glory, but was lackluster compared to some of his contemporaries.  He was eventually chosen and passed the final trial to become a Space Marine, and served in the reserves for 60 years before joining the 4th Company.  It is at this point that Gehn’s career became more illustrious.  He participated in the raid on Arkh, and played a vital role in capturing the hidden ruling council.  After several decades of service, he was eventually promoted to sergeant.  During his tenure he killed a Carnifex in close combat and was at the forefront of the push to take the Traitor’s Gate on Yttran.  Gehn’s ambition made him to continue to strive to become a captain, but though his service was admirable, no position of Captain was ever available.

Then Antonius was recruited into the Scouts.  Gehn took notice when Antonius was advanced to Space Marine faster than any other Scout on record.  He then became enraged when the youth was promoted to Sergeant of the 5th Squad, 4th Company after the infiltration action on Iperin during the Chasma Spica conflict.  During Antonius’ induction ritual, Gehn refrained from joining in the toast.  Antonius thought nothing of it, but Captain Ganendra did.  He notified Atrus, and Atrus consulted his visions of the future.  To his horror, the visions spoke that Gehn would betray the Chapter.  Atrus sought to send the 4th Company into battle on Julius, and had Ganendra use the 6th squad as bait for the enemy.  Gehn and his squad were hit by the blast of a battle cannon.  Gehn was knocked unconscious and captured by Chaos forces led by Matthius, Prophet of the Four.

Gehn was interrogated and tortured by Matthius’ subordinates until Matthius himself gave a cryptic order to bring no more harm to the prisoner.  Matthius personally interrogated Gehn for several days.  Hints and whispers that only Matthius hear from the Gods of Chaos guided him.  Then came the secret – Matthius learned that Antonius was the gene-son of Atrus.  Matthius used this information to batter holes in Gehn’s tired, damaged faith. As Matthius slowly revealed the truth, Gehn’s hatred for Antonius eclipsed that which he felt for the Dark Gods and their minions.  Here was a boy promoted through deliberate favoritism while Gehn was passed up time and time again.  That was not just.  Gehn wanted more, and Matthius promised it.  Gehn fell to Chaos with one word: “Yes.”

Gehn’s knowledge of Azure Flames security protocol proved devastating.  While his codes were invalidated, he knew how certain individuals would act.  Matthius’ forces penned in the beleaguered 4th Company with the help of mentally-enslaved Orks.  Gehn saw fit to taunt his former allies through transmissions while the forces of Chaos closed in around them.  His name was spoken as a curse by the entire Chapter as his betrayal was revealed.

The victory of the imperial forces at Daskros changed little about Gehn’s ambitions.  Though he fought for his life against the newly freed Orks, he escaped from the Chasma Spica alongside his new master Matthius.  He now fights for power and glory, to exult the Gods who recognize his greatness.  Above all, he waits for the chance to exact his revenge on the upstart boy that had everything handed to him.  Thus through jealousy did Gehn fall.

Just as Tzeentch told Matthius he would.

By Bozeman

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