Everyone’s seen my custom made Blue Tub case for the Azure Flames.  I lug it around, opening doors with combinations of my foot, ass, and sheer determination.  It’s been slowly damaging several models for a long time.

No More.

My Battlefoam case has arrived.  Expensive but worth it if I never have to repair models because the case broke them.  The main XL case has synthetic canvas covering a rigid plastic shell.  Inside, the trays rest on top of each other snugly.  There were too many Azure Flames to fit in an XL case (raise your hand if you’re surprised) so I had to get a second small case.  This second case attaches to the first with a convenient zipper.  The whole case has a set of wheels and an extendable handle for easy transportation one-handed.  No more lugging around a tub!  There are even pouches for books and other things along the sides.

No one can stop me.

By Bozeman

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