In preparation for the Big Game 5, I decided to update all of my old Rhino Chassis vehicles.  I called it the “New Rhino Chassis Project.”  Going the extra mile, I wanted to save some money and make modular vehicles that could be ANY variant of the Predator tank, or a Whirlwind.  Here’s what I did.

Two Rhino Chassis were given large Rare Earth magnets on the inside of their doors, and a Predator/Whirlwind top hatch.  I then made Predator Side Sponsons and regular doors that were magnetized.  Note that the magnet on the regular doors has since been replaced with a much smaller magnet, as it was near impossible to remove the door.

Next, the sponsons and Predator sponson guns were modified using Legos.  This lets them fit together snugly without interfering with the other magnet.  The Whirlwind Turrets were also modified with Legos so the regular and Castellan missiles could be switched out.

The Predator turrets were modified with magnets in a “clamshell” configuration to switch out the guns easily.  The ammo boxes on the back have magnets as well, letting them fit on snugly without attaching permanently.

As a result these two tanks can be ANY variant.  Las OR Autocannon Pred with HB or Las sponsons OR no sponsons.  It could also be a Whirlwind with either of the two missiles.

By Bozeman

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