Recently I got into Blood Bowl.  I haven’t played a game (due to a traffic jam DAMMIT) but I have a serviceable team raring to go.  We are the Konquata Monitors, a Lizardmen team.  Here is an image dump:

As you can see, I have six Saurus Warriors, eight Skinks, and two Saurus Star players.  The Saurus were made from Temple Guard with Saurus Warrior left arms and Tyranid Carnifex armor plates.  The Skinks have Genestealer armor plates cut in half.  Each half makes one shoulder pad.

For the star players, there were no open hands available in the Lizardmen line.  So, I used a piece of putty, coated it with oil, and wrapped it around the fist.  Then, I CAREFLLY removed the mould and flattened it out.  This gave me straight fingers.  I then moulded the fingers over and over until I got enough to do each hand.  Each finger was cut out, trimmed, and putty was added to fill out the finger.  Putty was also added to make new nails.  The one on the flying base represents the Star Player Lottabottol, who has diving catch.  The other is Sillibilli who has block.

In the Warhammer Fantasy world, the Lizardmen have recently conquered the island of Albion, which they call Konquata.  Lord Kroak personally formed the Konquata Monitors out of Saurus and Skinks from the First Spawning from the newly made spawning pools on Albion.  Their mandate is to dominate the sport of Blood Bowl to advertise that Albion will belong to the Lizardmen for all time.

Next up: more Skinks including Star Player Hemlock, and a Kroxigor modded with Trygon bits!

By Bozeman

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