Antonius’ First Battle.

May 24, 2012
24 May/12

Antonius crouched in the brush of a forest. Nearby, he heard the roar of an enemy jetbike. Sergeant Daniel raised his power sword, and in unison, Antonius and his scout squad stood and readied their shotguns with a loud KA-CHACK.

“Alright, move up and stay out of sight.” Daniel ordered, pointing with his sword. Antonius took point, with Daniel and the rest of the squad trailing. He ghosted from tree to tree, and paused at the edge of the forest. He saw that 3rd Squad had engaged the enemy Eldar, and were severely outnumbered. Antonius yearned to join them as a full Space Marine, but he had at least a year of surgeries and training. He motioned for the squad, and they cautiously moved out of the forest. Suddenly, an Eldar appeared before him. It was red and had a large backpack that resembled a beetle. It raised an exotic looking weapon to him.

“Hit the dirt!” Daniel shouted. Antonius did. The alien’s weapons discharged a weblike stream of gossamer thread. Antonius heard screams behind him. He shouted in wordless rage and pushed himself up off the ground. He discharged his shotgun at one of them, but it had no effect. He ran at another of them, and kicked it in the torso. With a fluid motion, he drew his knife and plunged it into the alien’s throat. Another came at him and exploded. Daniel appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and ran another through with his power sword. The fight seemed to take several hours, as Sergeant Daniel and Antonius fought back to back, slaughtering the aliens. Antonius fought with even more ferocity as he saw the rest of his scout squad, torn to ribbons on the ground behind him. Soon, not one of the teleporting aliens lived. Daniel turned to him.

“We’re not through yet lad! Charge!” Antonius followed him into combat with the aliens fighting 3rd squad. He fought side by side with his brothers in power armor, who stood a foot taller than him and Daniel. One of the aliens raised the butt of its shuriken catapult to Antonius’ temple and he blacked out. He awoke to Daniel slapping him gently in the face.

“Need an Apothecary lad?” He joked.

“No, I’m alright.” Antonius answered.

“Course you are!” Daniel shouted. “So, now you’ve seen action, what do you think of it?”

“What about the rest of the squad? Antonius turned to see an Apothecary standing over them. One was being carried away in a stretcher. The others had sheets draped over them.

“Joshua made it. The others weren’t so lucky. Care about the dead later. We’ve got a war to win.” Daniel clapped him on the shoulder. Antonius nodded. There would always be a war though, Antonius thought. If we stop for each casualty, we’d never get anywhere. Antonius and Daniel joined the remnants of 3rd squad aboard their Rhino, and returned to base. Antonius quietly reflected on his squad mates on the way back to base.


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Grimfang Scrappaz – Throwers!

October 11, 2011
11 Oct/11

Two throwers from the new Orc team, the Grimfang Scrappaz!  These Orcs grew up in the ruins of the Mount Silverspear Dwarven mine.  This reeking hole is the ground was “appropriated” by the warlord Grimfang, and has been the staging ground for the Silver Road wars.  Enriched by the residual silver, and with a trove of ruined Dwarven equipment, the (bored) lads of Mount Grimfang put together a Blood Bowl team for excitement and glory!  The Scrappaz coat themselves with sharp iron plates salvaged from the mining equipment, and often with added spikes.  They have but one goal: SMASH OTHER TEAMS FOR FUN!

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Big Game V Story Complete!

September 4, 2011
04 Sep/11

The entire story for the Big Game V is now available!  Check the link to the right under Features.  This features the entire story, start to finish, uninterrupted.  It also features the entire “ending” arc (chapters 51-70) which were never posted on this blog’s predacessor.  Check it out!

And now I rest.  Next: Lightguard updates!

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I am NOT George Lucas.

August 31, 2011
31 Aug/11

Good news: The Big Game V fluff now extends to Chapter 20!

In going through these files, I had to do some things to make them work with this new format.  First (and most drastic) I added the Intro.  This is brand new.  The original Big Game V fluff was written by Joe, Lexington, and myself during the year-long preparation for the Big Game.  Originally posted on a forum Lexington created, everyone involved knew some stuff about the previous Big Games.  Not so for the rest of the internet.  I created the Intro to give a back story, so that new readers would not be confused.

Next, there were several gramatical errors (even in the final version!)  On top of that, before I found the best way to transfer the text, several key factors, such as bold and italics got lost.  I manually fixed them.

Finally, and most hesitantly, I did add one extra feature to one chapter so far.  Recently, I read Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Soul Hunter.  An incredible novel, I highly recommend it and its sequel, Blood Reaver.  One of the characters is a Navigator, and Dembski-Bowden added the fact that seeing a Navigator’s third eye causes death.  I added two lines to chapter seventeen to reflect this fluff, out of respect to Dembski-Bowden.  Even though this chapter was written by Joe.

So, why the picture of Jorge at the top of the post?  Because these changes were not made just to throw extra stuff in there.  This was an homage to Dembski-Bowden’s work and the 40K background.  This story worked well because it was a collaborative effort between Joe, Lexington, and myself.  No one controlled everything.  In fact, Lexington and I came near to blows about a part of the fluff (happily left out as we had no Necron players.)

My point?  Art can be great, but art in an echo chamber where you control everything yourself can be self-indulgent.  Other viewpoints, such as a co-writer, (or two) and a forum of fans can provide additional thoughts you wouldn’t normally get.

Finally, I’d like to thank Joe and Lexington for their work on this story, as well as Scott for making the Big Game V possible and all the players in Big Game V for giving us ideas for their characters.

Stay tuned!  Or, because this is the Internet, bookmark and subscribe to the RSS feed.  There’s more to come for the Big Game V story, PLUS pics of the Lightguard and Scion Minis soon!

Edit: Lexington approves!

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Big Game V Fluff now available!

August 28, 2011
28 Aug/11

Long ago, my friends and I put on some huge games of 40K.  The largest and most enjoyable was the last one, Big Game V, of which I have spoken several times on this blog.  During the year-long buildup, myself, Lexington, and our friend Joe wrote an entire novel-sized story for background.

Check out the “Features” section to the right.  The Big Game V link will take you to the stories we wrote for this game.  Only the first 5 chapters are up now, but it does include a brand new Introduction which summarizes the backgrounds of the previous Big Games and sets the stage for Big Game V.

Check often, as more chapters will be added soon!

EDIT: First 10 chapters available!

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Scion Mini “Carrie” Painted; a fond farewell!

August 22, 2011
22 Aug/11

Sadly, one of my players dropped out of my Scion game.  However, I painted her miniature for her and assured her she could come back at any time.

Above, see Carrie,  Once again, based on the “Lucky” model from Dark Age.  I kept Lucky’s red hair because Carrie is Irish.  I added freckles!  A first for me!  I also did custom detailing on the stomach buckler (a raven for her birth mother, The Morrigan) and on the holster (a Cadeuceus, for her adopted father, Hermes).  Note that since the previous picture, I’ve cut out the bayonettes and lengthened the hair with putty.

Next: More Scion Minis?  …or a secret project I’ve been working on?

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Custom Miniatures for Scion Game

August 16, 2011
16 Aug/11

Back from Gen Con, and I’ve been working hard on a super secret project.  I bought several Reaper Chronoscope minis, and have converted them to model the characters in my Scion tabletop RPG.  Let’s have a look!

Up first is Kemo, Scion of Huitzilopochitli, the Aztec god of war.  Kemo wields the Sword of Freedom, a machete that spilt the blood of Conquistadors.  He also wears the “Hummingbeater,” an undershirt made of hummingbird feathers that works as a bulletproof vest without the weight. Kemo was made from the Terrel, Zombie Survivor mini with the head of Rex, Dark Future Hero, and a Machete from the Modern Weapons sprue.   The gun and nightstick were removed.  I added an index finger to make Kemo pointing at his next victim.  I then filed down the hair, and sculpted newer, longer hair.  I then sculpted the Hummingbeater with putty, and a piece of drinking straw desinged to make a “U” shape.

Next is Seth, Scion of Thoth.  He uses the Agent Smith body with the Daniel Sterling Head.  I Got rid of the Neuralyser and Raygun and added a custom sculpted Ankh and a Rifle.  I’m working on his custom Guitar Case.  I also flattened the bridge of the nose to make him look less European.

Next is Carrie, Scion of Hermes.  Carrie is Lucky from Dark Age.  I clipped the pistol and holster, and added a modified Dark Elf Crossbow from Warhammer, as well as a holster of bolts.  Lucky has pants with only one leg, so I sculpted the other pant leg to make it more even.  I also modded her odd sandals into boots.

Last but not least is Church, Scion of Thor.  Church is the Rex, Dark Future Hero body with the Terrel, Zombie Survivor head.  I filed off the bandana and added hair.  I then filled out the cheeks to make Curch look like Terrence Howard.  Next, I added the chain using putty, tweeezers, and a pin tool.  I then added the Raido Rune Pendant, carving teh rune with the pin tool.  I replaced the hand with a pistol hand from the Modern Weapons sprue, and sculpted a combat glove.

On order is a special mini for my 5th player.  More details, and paint jobs soon!

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On my plate: 6-22-11

June 22, 2011
22 Jun/11

Hoo boy.  Getting laid off and finishing a school year takes more time that you’d think.  Plus intruders from Spain are visiting and my ability to paint or model will be nonexistent.  However, I’m getting back in the saddle.  With a little help from Forge World.  So, without further ado, here’s what I’m going to be working on.

-Azure Flames: Twin Linked Autocannon from Forgeworld.  I USED to have a left and a right to do a Rifledread.  This has somehow changed.  I lost the right TL Autocannon, and had to buy another from Forgeworld.  Priority one: Get this done by July 8th.  Why?  I have no idea. I’m certainly not taking a rifledread in a 40K game against Lexington.

-Epic 40,000: Finish Terminators.  I’ve got some basecoated, but I ran out of free time while working on them.  They’re next.  Then I fill out the rest of my 3000 pt. “teaching list.”  Then, strip my Great Gargant and paint 3000 pts of Orks.

-Warmachine: Menoth starter box after Epic.  ON HOLD.

-Necromunda: Delaque gang.  ON HOLD.

-Azure Flames: I recently bought 5 Maximus armour Marines from Forge World.  I’m going to custom-mod these by adding sculpted flames and braziers to them to make the Lightguard: Chapter Master Perseus’ Honour Guard.  I’ll never use ’em but they’ll look FANTASTIC.  I’ve also got a few plans for another famous Azure Flames character… Status: ON HOLD. The Flames are complete enough for now.

-Orks: Need to complete painting all minis, possibly buy one more box of Boys but no more. Status: ON HOLD though I might bump these in front of the Flames now that the weather’s nice.

-The Saratogan 58th: Need to build most of the minis and paint up at least 1500 points to start learning how to play Guard.  Status: ON HOLD.  Way too much on my plate to start an army from almost scratch.

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The Dice Abide

June 8, 2011
08 Jun/11

Lexington just clued me into his new communal blog: The Dice Abide. Some good stuff there.  I’ve added them to the blogroll.  Check it out.

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Ory-Hara the Silent, Chief Librarian of the Azure Flames

May 26, 2011
26 May/11


Ory-Hara is the Dark Angels Grand Master Ezekiel model.  I added a Xavier backpack, and filed the winged sword off his book and sculpted a flame and a new strap.  Ory-Hara is named after the codename your character in Escape Velocity: Nova earns in the Vell-Os or Polaris story lines after developing psychic powers.


During his life, Atrus, former Chapter Master, Chief Librarian, and spiritual mentor of the Azure Flames trusted one person with the secrets of his prophecies.  That person was Ory-Hara.  The warp is a horrible place, full of things that can drive men mad at a glance.  Space Marine Librarians are trained to look into that darkness without flinching.  But it takes a prodigy to look through the nightmare of the warp and actually divine the future.  Atrus was such a man.  There were things that Atrus learned that he shared with the chapter.  There were things he shared only with the command staff.

And then there were the things he told to Ory-Hara.

Ory-Hara joined the Azure Flames (then the Sons of the Salamander) just after Atrus earned his Black Carapace and joined the Librarium of the Sons of the Salamander.   The chapter liberated Ory-Hara’s world, Palshife, from the forces of Chaos.  Ory-Hara felt gratitude toward his liberators, but suffered from the stress of toiling under the whip of the blasphemous regime of Chaos.  Atrus noticed the boy’s latent psychic abilities immediately.  Despite being the newest Lexicanum, Atrus asked to mentor the young psyker.  Atrus slowly won the trust of Ory-Hara, and helped him to unlock and face the memories he had hidden in the darkest places of his mind.  Free from his trauma, Ory-Hara’s psychic talents exploded with creativity.

When the Battle Barge His Hammer was destroyed, and Atrus received his vision, Ory-Hara was the first person Atrus told.  Ory-Hara was initially reluctant to believe Atrus, but then he discovered something.  By touching Atrus’ forehead, he found a way to copy the memory of the vision from Atrus, as if he had experienced it himself.  Amazed at this new ability, he was able to immediately show Atrus how to share the vision psychically.  Had Ory-Hara not done this, the Azure Flames would have never been born from the remnants of the Sons of the Salamander.

Ory-Hara examined this memory copying ability.  His first trick was to copy the memories of a willing battle brother.  He was able to expand this ability to find memories without the subject even being aware.  Working together with Atrus, he found the ultimate expression of this power: to copy the memories of someone who had recently died.  While this talent had limited use, it provided insight into their deaths.  Ory-Hara copied the memories of several battle brothers that died.

This led to the current Azure Flames rite to promote a Scout to a full Battle Brother: by sharing the memory of those that died for him.  For non-psykers this can be a harrowing and physically dangerous experience, but the fatality rate is only 17%.  Before this, Sons of the Salamander Scouts had to travel to Nocturne, home of the Salamanders, and face one of the legendary beasts in the yearly Salamander hunt.  This rite had a fatality rate of 32%.

Ory-Hara served in the Librarium of the Azure Flames with distinction, leading up to the conflict for the Chasma Spica.  On Iperin, Atrus sent Ory-Hara against the horrific Daemons of Chaos to the south of the main city, Daskros.  This was the one time Atrus had kept something back from his most trusted confidant.  Had Ory-Hara known of Atrus’ plan to sacrifice himself, he would have demanded to die by Atrus’ side.  Being denied the chance to save his only friend, Ory-Hara took a vow of silence.

He has not spoken since.  Nor has he written a word outside of his official log, carried on his person at all times.

Lack of communication is a problem in a commander.  Ory-Hara explains his wishes through psychic transmissions of images, or emotional impressions.  With his extensive library of memories collected from Battle Brothers, he can communicate any thought, tactical or mundane.  Ory-Hara has not revealed the contents of his log to any person, save Atrus and Perseus, and then only after Perseus had become Chapter Master.

Ory-Hara leads the Librarium shrouded in secrets.  When he passes, his log will be inherited by whichever Librarian takes his place.  Then the truth about Antonius, gene-son of Atrus, and his role in the fate of the Chapter will be revealed as Atrus intended.

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