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This ain’t RNB, this is Gangsta Rap, Ladies get smacked, tramps get jacked.

Two more gangers to go before I move on to another project!


Gangsta, Gangsta! That’s what they’re yellin’.

Next: four more gangers, and then I have to paint a Ratskin Scout because they are AWESOME.


Murder… Murder was the case they gave me.

DOUBLE POST IN ONE DAY OMFG! Next: more gangers!


…gettin’ weapons with the greatest of ease.

Next: Gangers!


Kids are strappin’ on the way to the classroom…

Delaque Juve!  Next: more Delaques!


Delaque Heavy

Next: more Delaques, or possibly a secret project!


I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking; King of my jungle just a gangster stalking

The leader of my still unnamed Delaque gang.  Next: MORE GANGERS!


…if one guy’s colors and the other’s don’t mix, they’re gonna BASH IT UP, BASH IT UP, BASH IT UP, BASH IT UP!

The first of my new Delaque gang!  Neither gang I own has a name or background, but I'm going to fix that as soon as I can get the inspiration.  This is random and usually involves me doing something completely unrelated.  I'll keep you posted.

Next: more Delaques!  They are surprisingly easy to paint.  This is the easiest time I've had with the color red ever.


Update: Battlefleet Gothic Image Gallery

Good news everyone!  I resized all of the hideously big pictures in the Battlefleet Gothic gallery.  Sadly this doesn't fix all previous posts, but it makes the gallery pics load in a reasonable amount of time.  Expect the same treatment for the other galleries soon!

Edit: Blood Bowl is now browser friendly too!  As well as Necromunda!


Orlock Gang finished!

Orlocks finished!  Check the Galley link to the right for these same picutres (and any future Necromunda pics) in a static gallery.

Next: EPIC.

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