Battlefleet Gothic Teaching Game with Lexington

December 28, 2011
28 Dec/11

Lexington of Dice Abide was in town, and wanted to learn about Battlefleet Gothic.  I thought of it as a perfect time to show off my Battlefleet Gothic teaching so I headed on up to Lansing.

Bozeman – Imperial Navy

-Admiral (Ld8) with one re-roll.

-Lunar Class Cruiser True Heart

-Lunar Class Cruiser Blind Faith

-Gothic Class Crusier Verisimilitude

-Tyrant Class Cruiser Belligerent

Lexington – Chaos

-Chaos Warmaster (+2 Ld) with one re-roll

-Slaughter Class Cruiser Swiftboat of Truth

-Slaughter Class Cruiser Traitor’s Blade

-Murder Class Cruiser Domination

-Carnage Class Cruiser Overkill


Scenario: Cruiser Clash.  Zone: Outer Reaches.  Upper left had one gas/dust cloud.  Lower left had a large planet with two rings of asteroids and one ring of gas/dust.  Lower middle had two asteroid belts.  Lower right had three asteroid belts.  Asteroids were moved more towards the center of the board at both players’ agreement.  Sunward edge was at the top.


 I set up at the bottom, with the two Lunars between the planet and asteroids, and the Gothic and Tyrant between two asteroid belts.  Lexington set up at the top, with one Slaughter to the extreme left, Murder center, Carnage slightly to the right, and the other Slaughter to the extreme right.

Turn 1 – Imperial Navy.

I moved forward and turned with the Lunars.  This was a tactical error, I sould have turned the other way.

Turn 1 – Chaos

Lextington went on All Ahead Full with the Traitor’s Blade.  Other ships moved up.  Long range shooting brought down one shield on the Gothic class.

Turn 2 – Imperial Navy

The Gothic and Tyrant went on Lock On, while the Lunars wheeled to rejoin the battle.  Some minor damage to the Chaos Slaughter, forcing a Brace For Impact.  I miscalculated the distance to move the Tyrant, and so fired its torpedoes ineffectively.

 Turn 2 – Chaos

The Slaughter moved around behind the Gothic and Tyrant, while the rest of the fleet closed in.  The Tyrant was crippled.  The other Slaughter fails a leadership check when clipping the edge of an asteroid field, but a re-roll saves it.

Turn 3 – Imperial Navy

I disengaged the Tyrant.  Gothic moved up into base contact with the Carnage.  Lunars moved closer, and one went on Lock On.  The Lunars tore up the Slaughter Class Swiftboat of Truth, while the Gothic turned its guns on both the Slaughter and the Carnage, firing torpedoes as well.  The torpedoes did nothing, thanks to a poor roll, and the lances brought down the Carnage’s shields but did little else.  The Slaughter went on Brace for Impact.

Turn 3 – Chaos

Ships re-positioned to regroup.  Fire at the Gothic class forces a Brace For Impact. 

Turn 4 – Imperial Navy

Ships regrouped.  Fire lowers a shield on the Swiftboat.

Turn 4 – Chaos

Murder goes All Ahead Full to get around the asteroids.  Slaughter goes right through the asteroids, hides inside.  Carnage and other Slaughter put enough damage on the Gothic to cripple it.

Turn 5 – Imperial Navy

Disengaged the Gothic class.  Lunars bash the Slaughter, causing a BFI and crippling it.

Turn 5 – Chaos

The crippled Slaughter disengages.  The other Slaughter pops out of the asteroids and makes one of my Lunars Brace For Impact.  Does little damage.  Murder near the bottom fails to Come To A New Heading.

Turn 6 – Imperial Navy

Lunars open up on the Slaughter, crippling it.

Turn 6 – Chaos

Carnage moves to just outside the asteroids, fails to do damage to a Lunar.  Murder successfully goes on Come To A New Heading.  I forgot to take a picture for this turn end.

Turn 7 – Imperial Navy

Lunars close on the Carnage, causing it to Brace For Impact.  A Critical Hit smashes the brige, causing a permanent -3 Ld.  The Lunar that fired torpedoes Reloads Ordnance.

Turn  7 – Chaos

The Carnage fails the check to go through the asteroids, but luckily Brace For Impact saves against damage.  Fire is ineffectual.  Murder moves up to join.

Turn 8 – Imperial Navy

One Lunar goes on Lock On, other goes minimum distance, turns.  Damage to Carnage is minimal, but causes a Brace For Impact.

Turn 8 – Chaos

Fleet disengages.

Final Victory Points: Imperials: 128 – Chaos: 91.

Final Thoughts: The teaching game worked well.  I made an early mistake by splitting my forces.  I should remember Imperial doctrine: focus on one target until it is obliterated, and then move on.  Got a bit lucky near the end.  Next time, hopefully we won’t be so restricted and Lexington will have his Ork fleet done.

As an epilogue, me and a bunch of the guys chipped in for an xmas present for Lexington!  Behold stompy goodness!

He tried to eat it.

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Lightguard Complete! An Xmas miracle!

December 25, 2011
25 Dec/11

The Lightguard are complete!  Huzzah!  Next, more Epic Orks!

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Battlefleet Gothic Battle Report.

December 22, 2011
22 Dec/11

Just got back from R.I.W. Hobbies in Livonia after a great game of Battlefleet Gothic with Gothic expert: John!

Scenario: Cruiser Clash with no limits on fleet composition

Size: 850 pts (was 750 but John forgot how much the Eldar Pirate Prince costs)

Bozeman – Imperial Navy

– Overlord Battlecruiser Centaur with extra turret and battery left shift upgrades.  Admiral.

– Dominator Cruiser Kar Duniash with extra range battery option.

– Tyrant Cruiser Belligerent with battery range upgrade.

– Squadron of 5 Sword class escorts, Dagger Squadron.

John: Corsair Eldar

– Aurora Class Light Cruiser, Pirate Prince

– Solaris Class Light Cruiser

– Squadron of 3 Hemlock Class Destroyers

– Squadron of 3 Hemlock Class Destroyers

– Squadron of 3 Hemlock Class Destroyers

– Squadron of 3 Hemlock Class Destroyers

Board Setup: Mercurial Zone.  Upper right had one small planet.  No other terrain.  One Radiation Burst.  Lower long board edge is sunward.  I set up on the Sunward Edge, John opposite me.  I clustered in the center, John kept his cruisers centered, and spread out the escorts to avoid Nova Cannon fire.

Turn 1 Imperial Navy: Radiation Burst, -1 Ld to the whole board.  Moved forward.  Fired Nova Cannon, no effect.

Turn 1 Eldar: Moved forward, split fleet in two.  Capital ships went to the left side with 2 escort squadrons, other 2 escort squadrons went right.

Turn 2 Imperial Navy: Radiation Burst, -5 Ld to whole board.  Unable to go on special orders or even fire at select targets, I moved forward and shot the closest things.  One Hemlock squadron on the right side takes two casualties.  Capital Ships put 3 damage on the Solaris class cluiser, with 2 criticals that hamper turning.

Turn 2 Eldar: Solaris fails to disengage, and so runs for the board edge.  Surviving Hemlocks on the right side roll poorly and do not harm the squadron of Sword frigates.  The ships on the left side obliterate the Tyrant class because it can’t make Brace For Impact.  A Warp Explosion puts one damage on the Dominator class.

Turn 3 Imperial Navy: No Radiation Burst.  Sword Frigates on right side wipe out a squadron of Hemlocks.  Two surviving capital ships on the left strike at escorts, failinto do damage but forcing Brace For Impact.

Turn 3 Eldar: This turn much less effective due to successful Brace For Imapct by Dominator Class.  Hemlock on right side fails to damage Sword Frigates.

Turn 4 Imperial Navy:  Radiation Burst, another -5 Ld board-wide!  Surviving Cap ships swing to the right, put 3 damage on Aurora Class, with a -1 Ld critical.  Sword Frigates fail Come To A New Heading check, begin a two-turn long 180 degree turn.

Turn 4 Eldar: Fleet on the right finishes the Dominator class, reduce it to a Burning Hulk.  Hemlock destroys one of the Swords.

Turn 5 Imperial Navy: Radiation Burst -5 Ld AGAIN!  DAMMIT!  Swords complete theie 180.  Overlord Class battlecruiser fails to target the Aurora Class to finish it off, and so just causes a Brace For Imapct on one of the escort squadrons.

Turn 5 Eldar: Aurora fails to disengage, runs for the board edge.  Surviving Hemlock on the right runs for the board edge.  Two remaining Hemlock Squadrons fire on the Overlord class, do one damage from poor rolling.  Overlord fails Brace For Impact Check.

Turn 6 Imperial Navy: Overlord passes check for Lock On, and destroys an entire Hemlock squadron.  Swords fail All Ahead Full and simply move forward.

Turn 6 Eldar: Escorts fire on Overlord and split fire onto Dominator Hulk.  No damage.  They flee off the board edge during the Ordnance Phase.  Game Over.

Final Score: Imperial Navy – 445, Eldar – 385  Victory for the Imperial Navy!

Commentary: I finally beat not just the Eldar, but John playing the Eldar!  Close at the end.  John could have won had he blasted the Dominator Hulk and gotten an explosion result, as holding the field put me over the top.  The Eldar aren’t that bad if you have long distance batteries.  If you don’t, you’re in trouble.  When I played John with my Carrier-heavy Chaos a while ago, he just flew right through the bomber waves and blew my ships to smithereens.

Look forward to another Gothic clash later this week vs. Lexington of Dice Abide!

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Lightguard Trooper (running)

December 21, 2011
21 Dec/11

Two more to go!

As an interesting sidenote, John (of Battlefleet Gothic fame) will be in town soon.  Expect a battle report!  Also, expect another report as I refresh Lexington in the Battlefleet Gothic rules!  It’s a very Battlefleet Gothic Xmas!

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Lightguard Champion

December 18, 2011
18 Dec/11

Another Lightguard finally complete!  I have some time off, so I hope to finish the other three before the new year.

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Grimfang Scrappaz Complete!

December 3, 2011
03 Dec/11

‘Ere’s da Scrappaz, ladz!  Job’s a good’un!

Next: finishing the LIghtguard.

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Thanksgiving Lightguard Update: Standard Bearer

November 24, 2011
24 Nov/11

Happy Thanksgiving from Four Stands Hobby!  Here’s my latest work: the Chapter Banner Bearer for the Lightguard, Perseus’ Honor Guard.  The 11 Star Logo is the logo of the Lightguard, and repersents the 11 stars in the Chasma Spica.

Next: More Lightguard!

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New Necrons – The Ministry of Silly Hats?

November 9, 2011
09 Nov/11

From a Facebook conversation with Lexington, he said this about the new Necron models:

I want to know who the f*** decided that “hats” was the way to go with the line.

“What do our metal skeletons need?”



You see what he means?  Hats.  They have hats now.  They didn’t use to have hats.  Check out these classic Necron Lord models:

See?  Classic Lords had no hats.  However, the segmented metal cloth on the new models reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then, while looking at the GW website it hit me:

Of course!  The old 2nd Edition Necron Lord had a silly hat too!  So it seems that the new models are connecting thematically with the very old models.  Plus, as Lexington said:

“I’ll give that it’s a hard concept to differentiate, though.”

They are all skeletons.  Making them look different is hard and hats are an easy way to do it that makes them look more Egyptian.

Though I have no idea what’s up with the chin on the Cryptek.  Is it supposed to be like an Egyptian fake beard?  It’s REALLY big.  Check it out.

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MAGnets! Get yer MAGnets here!

October 28, 2011
28 Oct/11

As you can see in the photo above, I’ve obtained a Blood Bowl ball.   I added magnets to the ball, and to every playable model in the Konquata Monitors and Grimfang Scrappaz!  Now I’ll never have to awkwardly balance a ball again.

As a bonus, I can play Blood Bowl and confound Juggalos at the same time!

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Grimfang Scrappaz – Black Orc Blockers

October 22, 2011
22 Oct/11

These Black Orc Blockers were made from Black Reach Nobs and bits from the Nobs box.

Next: Troll!  I’ve ordered Ripper Bolgrot, the special character Troll.  I’ll add some plates and other metal bitz to make him fit in with the Scrappaz.  Then they’ll be ready for play!

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