Big Game V – Chapter Eleven: Leavetakings

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Antonius stepped off of the Thunderhawk’s flight ramp to see an odd sight. First Squad Second Company, stood in full battle kit, at attention. Alongside the squad were four humans, three in the outfits of Imperial Stormtroopers, and one severe looking tall man, wearing a rosarius next to a bright blue flame pendant. This must be the Inquisitor Antonius thought. First Squad 2nd Company had taken two casualties during the initial spat with the Chaos Fleet, as the Vigilance, 2nd Company’s Strike Cruiser, had taken point. Adding Apothecary Luiz, who was inspecting some equipment, that made nine.

“So, you’ve come to join the party Antonius!” Sergeant Joseph shouted. “Come on then, form up!” Antonius hustled to get in line. Once he had, the Inquisitor stood before them and addressed them.

“You have heard much from Atrus’ speech, so I’ll be brief. Atrus and I believe that this world, dubbed Iperin Prime by Magos Kelhar, is the objective of the enemy. Our mission is to return to the Menelaus where I will pick up Magos Kelhar, and some other supplies. The Menelaus will then warp-jump to the Iperin system and we will arrive on Iperin Prime in a Thunderhawk, outfitted with the latest discoveries in sensor-jamming archaeotech. We will land on the eastern continent and commence scouting operations.” The Inquisitor walked to a small holo-emitter crudely set up on top of a crate. He punched a few runes, and the planet in question resolved above the grid, and zoomed in on a mountainous section of a large landmass. “This is our landing zone.” He said, as a red dot appeared to the west of the mountain range. “Here is your destination.” Another red dot on the far side, in the foothills. “Your mission is to set up a camouflaged spy station at the destination co-ordinates, and a relay station here…” a third dot lit up “…in the mountains.”

“Why not send the scouts?” Antonius piped up. Kalmsan stared daggers at the young marine. Joseph held up his hands apologetically.

“You’ll have to forgive the boy, Brother Voltman. We in the Azure Flames encourage all of our troops to be as well informed as possible.” Kalmsan snorted at Joseph’s excuse for the young Marine.

“Very well. To answer your question, there are two reasons. First, these mountains are quite treacherous, and second, there is a strong possibility of heavy enemy resistance. This is why we approach through the mountains. Such a natural barrier would not be as well watched as the forests to the south. This concludes the briefing unless…” he gazed at Antonius “there are further questions? No? Then let’s get going.”

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