I know I posted the modeled minis for my Scion players ages ago, but tomorrow is our final game so I painted them up, as a farewell present.

Esther was the hardest, as her katana sheath broke a while ago and I had to make a new one from scratch.  She was originally going to be in black, but that was a boring color so I went with purple as it’s still dark but looks visually interesting.  It also compliments her gold bracelets.

Kemo was pretty easy, as the Humming-beater was a simple green blend.  He didn’t look great until I added the blood to the obsidian machete, as the red and green compliment each other.

Alex’s white suit was hard to get, as I used black ink for the cracks to accentuate them.  The skin used the same technique I used for Antonius of the Azure Flames.  Namely, 50% goblin Green and 50% Bronzed Flesh as a base for the skin, ink wash, then sloppy drybrush with Bronzed Flesh and another careful highlight with 75% Bronzed Flesh and 25% Elf Flesh.  Gives him a Mediterranean look.  The red power tie also stands out well.

Mecca is a mercenary so I used a military scheme for him.  The Bronze buttons made his shirt less boring, and because he’s african I made his bar red, black, and green.

Church’s jeans took several tries to get right.  I used a glaze of Vallejo Clear Blue to make the blue drybrushed colors blend, and then did one final random drybrush of Skull White, hitting the knees pretty hard.  To compliment this, I made the rune orange.  His hair was drybrushed ever so lightly with Mechrite Red as a nod to his Nordic ancestry.

I googled up some fancy fonts for the names and just copied them.  It was actually pretty easy.

By Bozeman

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